EXEC™ – Executive Traveller  – The magazine that makes travel simpler for the frequent business traveller.

From the moment business travellers steps out of their home and head for the airport…right up to the time they return home, they live in a different world.

They contend with the commute, airports, airlines, hotels; they interact with all the personnel that work in the hospitality and other service industries. Then there are the compulsions of making a good impression on the road, entertaining and of course, playing with the latest gadgets.

EXEC™ captures this world and presents it to the businessperson and traveller; typically someone who is young, ambitious and wants only the best.

As you know, business travel as a segment is growing in leaps and bounds and there is a growing need among business travellers for the latest information and trends. EXEC™ magazine is first in line to fill that niche.

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EXEC Magazine

Sol Mooney Media
46/1 Church Street, Bangalore 560 001
Phone: 1-800-10-EXPLO
All enquiries: corporate@explocity.com

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