10 Apps to Help Plan Your Business Travels

Rushing through the days, living out of a suitcase and trying to keep track of everything might just be a little unnerving for most business travellers. But with the world of apps to help out ever so often, planning your trips just got a little bit easier. Executive Traveller takes a look at the top ten apps that help you plan your business trips better.

GateGuru(Android, iOS – Free)

GateGuru makes navigating through airports easy and provides users with real-time feedback on the amenities present at the airport terminals, along with user reviews on the same plus flight services, weather, etc. The app links to Facebook and Twitter, plus other travel services like Kayak and Triplt, and the database has over 120 airports encompassing the USA, Europe and Asia.

YPmobile(Android, iOS – Free)

If you are frequently in unfamiliar areas and find yourself wanting any of categorised business listings, menus, directions, lowest gas prices, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, taxi services, movie theatres, etc., this is a must-have app.

PocketCloud(Android, iOS – Free)

With cloud services exponentially increasing in number, here’s another one that provides users with the ability to access resources hosted on a remote machine via a mobile device, over WiFi as well as cellular networks. The app is compatible with RDP and VNC protocols.

Evernote (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows– Free)

Evernote has an amazingly easy-to-use interface and helps you capture audio, attachments, pictures and text as “notes” which are synced across all personal devices (on which you have this app installed). Notes are cached for offline viewing, and can be shared on social networks too. Desktop versions of the app are also available.

WorldMate(Android, iOS – Free)

Worldmate helps users plan and book trips, hotels, locations and meetings. It also tracks rental cars, sends reminders and provides driving directions across your meeting routes, and has a daily-updated currency converter.

SayHi (iOS – $0.99)

Set the primary language, speak/type a phrase into the app, and the app will translate and read aloud the phrase in the selected secondary language. It offers 33 languages, male and female voices with controllable speeds of speech, and you can set favourites for quick access.

Word Lens (Android, iOS – Free)

Word Lens uses optical character recognition technology to resolve text in images shown on the phone’s camera, then translates it instantly, thus utilising augmented reality. Though the app is free and comes with French and Italian translation packs, additional languages cost $4.99.

WorkSnug (Android, iOS – Free)

Like Word Lens, WorkSnug uses the phone’s camera to superimpose bubbles that point the user to nearby WiFi hotspots, providing information such as distance, atmosphere, coffee quality and whether free or not.

OneReceipt (iOS – Free)

Tired of running a mini-management scheme trying to put together the expenses after a trip? With OneReceipt you store, file, and tag receipts in an organised manner, search using the created tags, sync all the information with an email account, and view a monthly spend report.

GTasks (iOS, Android – Free)

An intuitive and easy-to-use to-do list manager, GTasks synchronises your entries with Google Tasks and Google Calendar. You can set reminders, fully equipped with the infamous “snooze” ability, and like Evernote, caches everything.


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