After UK Confusion CoWin Vaccination Certification To Undergo Changes For International Travellers

Those fully vaccinated and want to travel abroad will have a CoWin vaccination certification with their full date of birth. Presently, the CoWin certificate mentions the beneficiary’s age based only on the year of birth. The date will follow the “yyyy-mm-dd” (Year-Month-Day) format and it will be as per World Health Organization (WHO) standards for international travellers. The new feature will be likely to be available from next week.

Dr RS Sharma, the CEO of National Health Authority (NHA) said, “As the world is slowly opening up for business and travel, we are working continuously to ensure that international travellers can travel stress-free. This new feature and the format of date of birth will be in “yyyy-mm-dd” format as per the WHO standards for international travellers.”

This comes as the United Kingdom has issued its new travel guidelines to include the Covishield vaccine in its updated list of approved COVID-19 vaccines. Following India’s strong criticism over the UK’s refusal to recognise Covishield, London has included the vaccine in its updated international travel advisory.

However, Indian travellers vaccinated with two doses of Covishield would still have to undergo 10 days of quarantine in the UK.

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