Business Travellers To Get Vaccine Preference In Mumbai And Kerala

Those that have to travel for work or to study abroad to get priority to get the coronavirus vaccine in Mumbai and Kerala. While vaccines are not a mandatory entry requirement in many countries, and a negative RT-PCR test is acceptable, this move is likely an effort to get India off the red-list. Many countries, many in the EU, have started giving a pass to fully vaccinated travellers.

Mumbai authorities have announced that students and their future careers shouldn’t be put on the line, and hence priority vaccines are being given on showing a valid application from a foreign university.

The Kerala government is linking the vaccination to the passport number, as many countries are doing, so as to give travellers a pass. This certificate with the passport number will be in addition to the Cowin certificate received by all. Kerala has also announced that those in the need to travel needn’t wait the stipulated 12 weeks between shots. They will administer the second shot even four to six weeks after the first shot of Covishield.

A valid visa, work permit, passport ID are required to get this facility.

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