Canada Extends Travel Ban From India Till June 21

An official announcement said Canada is extending the travel ban from India and Pakistan for another month, until 21 June, 2021, in the midst of the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. All direct flights in this time will be cancelled.

Cargo, however, will continue to ensure the supply of essential goods and vaccines.

Air Canada made this announcement in anticipation of the decision since about 70% of the cases in Canada are now of the new variant, probably from travellers from India. The Public Health Agency of Canada said that 279 passengers travelling by air into Canada had tested positive for the B.1.617 variant, dubbed the Indian variant.

Passengers from India and Pakistan can still fly into Canada via third countries, but there are restrictions like a mandatory negative RT-PCR test, 14 day quarantine and even an initial three day quarantine at a government mandated hotel facility until a negative test result is received. Another negative test needs to be show eight days later.

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