Dubai Remains the No 1 Destination for Indian Travellers


Summer travel is the peak travel season for families in India. Over the last few years Indians have undoubtedly become more experimental when it comes to travel during summer. Given their spirit of exploration, they are looking for longer and more luxurious trips and are also searching for newer destinations. the online accommodation booking website has compiled a list of Top searched destinations for summer travel. Additionally, it compares search results from last year ‘vis- a –Vis’ 2015.

It has been observed that there is a strong growth for outbound travel this summer, with a YoY 2-digit growth on searches for the top 10 outbound destinations on Singapore, Thailand and UAE are the most popular summer destinations while the demand for Thailand is back; occupying 3 of the top 10 positions post the unstable political situation in 2014. Given below is a table that lists top preferred destinations for summer travel.

TABLE: Top 10 searched destinations for Summer Holiday (March – June) as of March 16
2015 2014
1 Dubai Dubai
2 Singapore Singapore
3 Bangkok Bangkok
4 Hong Kong Hong Kong
5 Paris New York
6 Pattaya London
7 London Pattaya
8 New York Paris
9 Las Vegas Kuala Lumpur
10 Phuket Las Vegas

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