Fairy Tales are for Real

For every soul out there with a spirit of adventure and a lust for new sights, France is one place that will satiate your desire like no other. Dotted with castles that will transport you to a world of fairy tales and dreams, this is an experience you cannot let go.

 A thousand years of history make for an exceptional heritage

Any journey in France is dotted with castles, like so many reminders of its eventful past. Since they first appeared in the 10th century, over 10 000 castles have now been built in our country, from warrior fortresses to royal palaces through manor houses and aristocratic residences. The buildings described by the word “château” in French can take many architectural forms, as the term is above all a reflection of the owner’s social rank. The most beautiful gems of this exceptional heritage are open to visitors. Others, no less charming, host receptions and events, are run as hotels, or are simply home to men and women who love old buildings. Whether they are fairy-tale, grand or romantic in style, the castles still enchant visitors to this day.

From famous masterpieces to little-known gems

With such a wide choice, tourists often don’t know where to begin. The France-Voyage.com guide helps to clarify things, by providing information on castles of particular interest, for their architectural features, history or the figures who lived there. Famous for its Mirror Gallery and 715 hectares of parks and gardens, the extravagant residence of the Sun King in Versailles is the most popular castle, with over 6 million visitors every year. Further south, every trip around the Loire Valley should include a visit to Chambord, the biggest of the Loire castles with its 440 rooms, 800 sculpted capitals and 282 fireplaces. Those who want to travel back in time will appreciate the castle forts of Auvergne and Périgord, as well as the impressive hillside fortresses of the Cathars in Languedoc. Yet the France-Voyage.com guide also features less famous but equally interesting castles, such as Bazoches, the beautiful house at the heart of Morvan where Vauban designed over 300 fortified structures; Joinville, which forms an elegant Renaissance ensemble with its magnificent garden; Virieu, a remarkable medieval fortress overlooking the Bourbre Valley, and many more…

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