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Dr Ramana Rao talks about the must-have medicine kit while you are on the road.

Modern travellers have to find their way through an obstacle course of Traffic, Queues, innumerable security checks and cramped seats before they reach their destination. Even the seasoned traveller has a story of falling sick during their trip, disrupting their schedule. With the help of your Family doctor, here is a list of a few medications that you should carry along to help you through a difficult situation in an unknown land.

Paracetamol (Crocin/Tylenol): The proverbial ‘Swiss knife’ of medicines, this can be used for all pains, fevers, Head Aches, joint pains to hangovers. It is safe on the stomach with a great safety profile and a must have in your medical kit.

Cough and Colds: Anti Histamines such as Avil was carried to the moon by astronauts. Newer less sedative medicines are effective to treat colds, cough, hives and rashes. Throat Lozengers such as Vicks, Halls, etc are useful if you are suffering from throat irritation and cough.

Diarrhoea: The bane and horror of all travellers, the most important measure, is to prevent stomach infections by ensuring clean drinking water. The key to this treatment is to ensure that you stay well hydrated with water and electrolytes. A mild antibiotic such as Norfloxacin, and in severe conditions, an anti motility agent to stop further bowel movements are essential medication in your travel kit.

Nausia: A frequent cause of discomfort while travelling, Domperidone is a safe antiemetic that one can use.
Acidity: Change of meals, timings or Alcohol, acidity is a very common symptom that can be treated easily with antacids such as Digene in the form of tablets that can be chewed for relief.

Antibiotics: Get a prescription from your doctor to carry a few antibiotics that have suited you in the past to treat Respiratory infections, Stomach and Urinary tract infections. These will ensure that you recover faster and avoid running around for medications at your destination.

Melatonin and other prescription medication can do wonders to help you avoid jet lag or plain insomnia trying to sleep at a new place.

It is always wise to pack some Aspirin and Sorbitrate to treat chest pain while travelling with the elderly or with heart patients. With infants and toddlers, speak with your paediatrician for prescriptions and dosage for common problems. A colic at the middle on the night while on holiday is not unheard of! With the help of your doctor, a simple medical kit may be the difference between suffering and enjoying a good holiday!

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