Heathrow Airport Opens Terminal For Red List Countries Like India

London’s Heathrow airport has opened a separate terminal for travellers coming from “red list” countries to combat the spread of coronavirus. India, after the spread of the new Delta strain of the virus, has been put on the red list.

Currently there are 43 countries on UK’s red list. These include India, South Africa and Brazil. The rule came into effect when airport staff were concerned for their own safety and the safety of those entering the UK from orange and green list countries.

London Heathrow’s Terminal 3 will be the dedicated terminal for red listed countries in the long run. The rule is not for a short term but will be in effect for the foreseeable future, since different countries have different vaccine rollout plans to vaccinate their citizens.

Indian travellers are anyway not able to fly to most countries but the UK is accommodating direct and connecting flights for UK and Irish citizens to get back home.

According to the rules all those travelling to UK from red list countries are required to pay for 10 day hotel quarantine, go through Covid 19 security which requires a negative RT-PCR, face coverings, social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols in the immigration halls.

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