Here’s How Your Phone Can Help You Travel Smarter

After over a year of pandemic-related restrictions, we’ve entered a new era of travel.

From scoring accommodations to keeping track of local restrictions, your digital device can help you navigate the “next normal” of travel. Here’s how.

Health and Safety 

With COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines varying widely, you’ll want up-to-date information relevant to your destination. For domestic trips, check with your airline before travel. And for global travel, the COVID Controls app offers information on your destination’s current protocols based on your country of origin.

Hotels and Cars 

So much of travel is about searching for your next adventure. It’s that game-time call to push on to a new city or pull into a charming little unknown town. Apps like Hotel Tonight help you find last-minute hotel deals on a place to get some rest after an epic day of exploration. 


Although restaurants nationwide have opened their doors, many are still running at a lower capacity. Call the restaurant directly to find out if they have restrictions on capacity, seating, or the vaccination status of their staff.

Stay Connected

It’s hard to know where to go or what to do when visiting a new city. Carry a dongle with you just to make sure you have connectivity. It is advisable to get a connection different from the one you get your cell phone network from. This way, if one is down, you may have luck with the other. 


A pass that lets you bundle attractions can save time and money and ensure you catch every can’t-miss sight. For example, The New York Sightseeing Pass offers ticket-free entry to more than 150 attractions. 

Translation Help 

Have you been trying to master a foreign language during lockdown in preparation for your international trip? No worries if you’re a little behind on your conjugations. The iTranslate app offers instant translations.


The Mobile Passport app, available at most major points of entry for international flights, can help you avoid an hours-long line after a transatlantic flight. Be sure to download ahead of landing, and enter your passport and trip information before heading to the customs area.

With some smart digital tricks up your sleeve, your device can be your greatest travel resource before and during your trip. (Statepoint)

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