Opera Mini – Smart, Quick and Useful

Scattered Wi-fi and erratic 3G and mobile internet connections can make web browsing difficult for business travellers. The Opera Mini mobile browser makes your web browsing a lot faster – especially if your phone is running on a slow network. True to its names, the Opera Mini “shrinks” web pages, so your phone processes as little as 10% of what you see on your phone’s screen. The browser also comes with a “SpeedDial” option that allows you to save your favourite websites for easy and quick access and saves you the trouble of having to type out the URL every time. The browser also has a feature called “Smart Page”, which enables you to save pages in low-network situations and read them later, for example, while you are in the air or waiting at the Airport.

Opera Mini Brings fast Browsing to All Connections

If you run a busy online business, you probably can’t afford to be disconnected from the internet for too long. Here’s a recommendation, Opera Mini is a great way to access the web quickly and efficiently on-the-go. It’s the best web browser for business travelers visiting low data regions. The latest version of the app loads web pages faster and more securely than ever.
These days, business may take you all over the world, including to countries still developing a strong internet infrastructure. However, you will still need to take your electronics devices to run your company and connect with clients. Opera Mini is specifically designed to function in low signal areas, and is also excellent when your connection is blazing fast.
Either way, it makes a smart choice for your business web browser because it is also loaded with security and efficiency features. Sometimes you get to a location to find no Wi-Fi in the airport, at the hotel, or anywhere in-between. Forget about LTE or even 3G, you may be forced to live off the scraps of an EDGE signal.
This is a problem because you may still need to email customers, connect to your business website, tweak the back end, and so on. With Opera Mini you will guarantee an internet browsing experience even if you are living off connection scraps.
The browser works with all platform mobile phones and is perfect for different form factors. Smartphones and even feature phones are supported by Opera Mini, which is why it is so popular in low signal areas.
Opera has regularly updated its mobile browser and the latest versions load pages faster and provide the latest browser features. The app is a shrunken version of Opera’s award winning desktop browser and is capable of reducing the footprint of web pages. With this ability, Opera Mini can only show portions of the website on the screen.
The company says this allows phone processes to decrease to just 10%, providing the device with more resources to build an improved connection and to browse faster. Business users will be particularly interested in the SpeedDial feature, which saves websites for quick access later. You don’t have to waste time, connection, or phone resources typing in URLs and can simply call up your pages through SpeedDial.
Smart Page is another interesting feature as it brings high-powered offline reading. With this ability, you can save webpages for offline viewing, perfect if you know you will be in an area where signal drops in and out sporadically.
The next time you are on a business trip and need complete efficiency from a web browser, Opera Mini is a fantastic choice. Never be caught without access to your work again with a browser that even works on feature phones in low-signal regions.

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