The Way I Travel – Velu Balasubramaniam

Velu Balasubramaniam

Velu Balasubramaniam is CEO of emerging media powerhouse, Hanubhav Media, that publishes NewsStrok. He has had a rich experience in the media industry, first with Explocity (publishers of this magazine) and following that with Living Media (publishers of India Today among other publications.)

He lives with his wife Priya and two dogs, Vaibhav and Whitey, in Chennai.

How many times a month do you travel? 

Almost 10 to 12 times a month.

Favourite business destination?


Favourite holiday destination?

Vegas or Maldives. Better, both.

What do you like the most about travelling?

The food, meeting people, and “me” time. 

What’s your least favourite thing about travel? 

Getting up early in the morning for an early flight.

Preferred airline

Domestic I prefer Vistara, Go Air and SpiceJet to an extent. Indigo’s announcements on the speaker are very loud and very often, I don’t like it. I sleep on the flight and this disturbs me. For foreign travel, I like Lufthansa.

Your cabin luggage includes…?

My laptop, my Kindle or books and my diaries and planners 

You don’t leave home without…?

My mobile phone.

What are you reading?

Moonshots by Naveen Jain (Moonshots: Creating a World of Abundance by John Schroeter and Naveen Jain)

Does travel energise or tire you?

It does energise me. 

Who is the most interesting person you met on travel? 

I met P Chidambaram, he was in business class on a flight to Delhi. I was entering the flight and an announcement came on, and he made a comment in Tamil that I laughed at. We established I was Tamilian and discussed where I was from. I used to work for India Today at the time so he was interested in that.

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