Vistara Will Now Fly To US

Vistara becomes the only Indian airline apart from Air India to get the nod to fly to the US. The Joint Venture between Tata and Sons and Singapore Airlines will tap into this new market.

The US is a major travel destination for Indians and especially in the pandemic, more and more travellers are seeking direct, non-stop routes to US cities rather than opting for lay overs in Europe, Singapore and Dubai. The airline is hoping to fly to New York, Washington and Toronto in North America.

Vistara has ordered six Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, three of these allow it to fly non-stop to Europe, Australia and the Far East. For the remaining three, Vistara has opted for “overhead flight crew rest (OFCR) which means the airline will have a bunk for crew members, which will enable the airline to fly non-stop to North America.

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