Why Are They Building An Island In Umm Al Quwain?

The answer to “Why Are They Building An Island In Umm Al Quwain?” is simple. To build a new tourist destination.

The Umm Al Quwain Government Creating A New Island Destination With The Sobha Group

The Umm al-Quwain boasts of mangrove coastline, beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf, unspoilt beaches, world class water sport facilities and luxury amenities. Now with the Sobha group they plan to make it the newest island destination. The island plans to be competition to Bali and Singapore.

The island will be located on Al Seniyah Island one of the biggest untapped coasts remaining in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ‘Firdaus Sobha’, as it will be called will have waterfront homes, ecological zones, canals and lagoons.

H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, Crown Prince of Umm Al Quwain and Chairman of Executive Board, said: “Our strategic partnership with Sobha Group brings an exciting new dimension to our commitment to developing Umm Al Quwain. Both the Umm Al Quwain Government and Sobha Group are committed to quality and share a common vision for the island. ‘Firdaus Sobha’ is a flagship project, which has been launched in line with the vision of transforming Umm Al Quwain into an active tourism and commercial destination.”

Why Are They Building An Island In Umm Al Quwain?

Mr. PNC Menon, Founder and Chairman, Sobha Group, said: “Our latest project announcement represents our commitment to the UAE. In line with our aim to fully leverage the opportunities present in this highly dynamic market, we have partnered with Umm Al Quwain Government, and are jointly to transform the island into a world class destination and a hot spot for iconic properties. By combining our capabilities and expertise, we are confident “Firdaus Sobha” will be a proud testament to our commitment to quality.”


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