Here’s How You Can Focus on Your Meetings Better

One common factor that makes an athlete, a winner is the fact that he is able to push his body to its ultimate limits with one-point focus.

As we go about our routine everyday, it is important to learn how to focus. Have you ever spent days on a presentation and not really come up with anything good? Or thought over and over about a problem and not come up with a solution? It happens to all of us. But, for some reason when we are faced with a deadline, we seem to not only work faster, but also, better. The pressure of the situation brings our minds to the present and we are able to focus more.

It would be ideal if our minds could stay in this place of awareness or this “zone” all the time. But, the mind, as Buddha says, “is like a drunken monkey”. Through yoga we can begin the process of taming our minds. Although a regular yoga practice is the best option, here are two simple tricks to get some focus for a short while before that important presentation or client meeting.

1. Vrksasana. Any asana calls for awareness and focus but for the balancing asanas, it is vital that you are able to do so or you will fall on your face. Stand straight, both legs strong and engaged. Lift the right leg, turn the knee outwards and bring the arch of the foot into your left upper inner thigh. Bring your hands into a Namaste in front of your chest and fix your gaze on one spot. Keep your focus and balance for 10 long breaths. Repeat the asana with your other leg.

2. Meditation on sound. It is hard to sit in complete meditation when you are stressed, so a simple technique can help you focus. Sit in the quietest place you can find. Close your eyes and relax your body. Become more aware of the sounds around you. Attempt to focus on the sounds that are farthest away from you. Stay like this for at least two minutes. Then, move to the sounds that are closer to you. Finally, focus only on the sound of your breath.

These two techniques can be done anywhere and will help you be more aware of the work at hand rather than thinking random thoughts. You will find that the mind is calmer and you can achieve one-pointed focus and come out a winner.

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