A Pain in the…

When a young man buys a motorcycle, he cannot wait to test it. What better way to test it than head straight for the hills of Himachal?

Even that crazy little thing called love can’t stop you from realizing that the rear seat of a particularly fast bike is not very pillion-friendly. Squirming, gritting my teeth, abusing the vast expanse of solitude on either side of the highway and the lack of a fleshier rump, I knew this would end badly.

As we headed towards Dhanolti, I don’t know when I dozed off, but a sudden sharp pain jolted me back to reality and I found myself lying awkwardly in the middle of a few large mountain goats, one, squirming in discomfort under me. Dazed, I looked up to find the bike parked a few feet away and the man laughing hysterically. I had apparently slipped off the bike as it halted suddenly and as luck would have it, I landed right amidst a herd of goats… some confused, some angry and the one closest to me rather friendly. It was exactly at this point of time I wished I was a little smaller. Riding a mountain goat to Dhanolti seemed to be better than getting back on that bike.


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