As Anniversaries Go…

On 31 Mar 2012, Explocity turned 23.

The trouble is my colleagues and I don’t know what to make of this. How do you feel 23-years old when you feel only 1-year old? And why?

I suppose it’s because of what we do for a living, as city chroniclers.

A city is more than a geo-political location. As we live in it, we give to it and we take from it. For each of us, at least one city becomes a part of who we are. And the showreels of our most lasting memories are usually based in our old neighbourhoods and other familiar locations; playing on demand like an endless supply of YouTube videos with a million connected clips on the sidebar.

Because the city is mutable, something new is always going down; and the city changes every day. For this reason, our life as journalists in Explocity (or as hacks anywhere, I reckon) is only as dull as we want it to be.

We are not weighted down by repetition. And nostalgia is nothing more than a realisation that tomorrow will be so much more fun.

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