Conversations With Cabbies


In Boston, don’t be surprised if your cab driver happens to be a PhD student of advanced English (or of Microbiology, for that matter). That’s because Boston is a big university town with hundreds of thousands of students always working someplace to get an extra buck.

Boston is also famous for its seafood and visitors often seek out the lobster and cod, particularly its variation, scrod.

Many have narrated this little Boston vignette, but few have tired of the tale.

So, this travelling salesman has a cab driver who is by day a student of advanced English grammar.

The salesman is hungry and eager for Boston fare.

He leans across the front seat and asks, “Hey buddy, can you recommend a good place where I can get scrod?”

“Why, sir,” the cabbie replied, “that’s the first time I have heard that referred to in the past pluperfect subjunctive!”

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