I Told You The Goats Ate It

By Ramjee Chandran

Ramjee ChandranSome months ago, buoyed by skepticism, I wrote that the Mayan calendar did not have any dates after Dec 21, 2012 because the goats had eaten the rest of it. I was surprised when this caused me an argument (in public) with someone who was annoyed that I might be jousting with the Fates.
Really? Because ‘the One who wanted to end the word’ was about to change his mind and spare humanity (doubtless reacting to human prayer and animal sacrifice) but read my piece, got horribly offended and said, “Screw the lot. Go ahead. Flood the f@ckers”?
In another prophecy made in the early 90s, Benjamin Barber wrote a piece titled, ‘Jihad vs Macworld’, in which he predicted that as technology breaks down international boundaries (Macworld), people would–paradoxically–become more insular, seeking out their own kind to create narrow, parochial groups (jihad).
I read this morning in the New York Times that some counties in Michigan state in the US closed schools because of the Mayan prediction.
How could a country with the most secular national agenda in the world have local counties that legislate on irrational public fear?
And now for an appropriate parable: Outside the Columbia Pictures lot, one very hungry goat was seen eating celluloid film out of the cannister of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘2012’. Another goat asked him how it was. “Oh, I liked the book better,” replied the first goat.

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