Rose d’Anjou: The Perfect Summer Wine

Summer has definitely arrived, and as temperatures soar, it’s time to bring out a light, cheery wine, which isn’t saddled with too-rich flavour.

‘Strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring

My summer wine is really made from all these things.’

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s seductive track stirs up images of vibrancy and lazy sun-kissed days, but the season Ol’ Blue Eyes’s daughter is evoking is a far cry from the scorching heat of the typical Indian summer. As the mercury continues its climb, what the wine lover wants is a light, crisp wine that skips along the taste buds, instead of a slow, sluggish red. The perfect foil for the sweltering summer heat is a wine that has sharp acidity, relatively low alcohol content and a punch of fruity flavour. And something more substantially cooling than an angel’s kiss. No offence, Ms Sinatra and Mr Hazlewood.

Tarun Bhatia, the F&B Manager of Eros – Managed by Hilton New Delhi Nehru Place, feels the perfect summer wine should be clean-flavoured, with hints of grass, and seasonal fruit. “ There should be a sense of freshness about the wine, and it shouldn’t overpower the palate with excessively bold flavours,” he explains.

Bhatia picks the Rose d’Anjou as a good wine for summer. “It’s a lighter rosé, which has a refreshing, summery zing.” The fairly sweet wine, from France’s famed Loire Valley, might not be the first choice of many purists, but its relatively laid-back character, with flavourful hints that tease the palate, makes it ideal for the dog days of summer.

Rose d’Anjou is usually made from the local Grolleau, a grape generally considered ‘inferior’ for making red wine. Generally considered a quaffing wine, it should be served at around 8° C, not ice cold, as it’s best to let it warm up just a bit and release its flavours.

Bhatia says, “ This is a wine that can be enjoyed alone, or paired with light food. I would recommend a classic Caesar Salad, or a seafood salad, to go with it. Pasta in white sauce, or a lighter arrabbiata works as well.”

According to Bhatia, a good Rose d’Anjou will cost about Rs 3500 in the Indian market.

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