Shilent Night, Holy… Moly!

– By Ramjee Chandran

Ramjee ChandranThe garden Christmas party, hosted by my pal Krishna, (who was the boss of his company and s­­­o everyone was obliged to attend), was revving up perfectly fine because the free flow of libation fuelled fun. Love was in the air.

Also in the air was the sound of carolers. Krishna turned this to advantage. Free entertainment. He rushed out the gate, waving a bottle of rum in each hand as incentive for the reverent chanteurs.

With the first song, they stood in pious formation in Krishna’s driveway. They were astonishingly good. We loved it. But an hour later and imbued with the spirit of the season, the guests could not distinguish pitch from piña colada.

Neither could the singers. How they managed to mimic the Doppler Effect whilst not moving was a revelation of physics. Some of the singers climbed on top of Krishna’s car and banged on it for drums.

The point when Krishna made them stop and stagger out the gate was when the decibels were at their highest.

Ironically, he cut them off while they were in the middle of a drunken rendition of… “Shiiiiiiilent Night, hooooblehggg arrrgglllee, aaaaarrrr…”

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