Why Apps Are Everything

What changes in the world is the way information is consumed.

All methods of dispensing one’s ideas to the world become old and clunky before long. Print publishing which ruled for centuries gave in to radio and then TV and then radio & TV and then the internet and now, cellphones.

Even cellphones are old and clunky and there are some who have never heard of WAP (which is not a sound effect, but an outdated web platform for mobile phones.)

The phrase “mobile phone” too is outdated. A friend’s son, six years old, whose father never installed a landline, wanted to know why phones are called ‘mobile’ phones. “What other phones are there?” he asked.

Ten years ago, when the first internet bubble had boomed to bursting point, we called it convergence. A device, which would be able to do everything, be one’s computer, one’s TV set, one’s radio, one’s books and magazine.

It’s here. It’s available and it’s super cheap.

Think of app-lause worthy phones in the same way that you might think of cell phones. If you don’t have one, you cannot live. And you cannot travel.

Every airline, every hotel and every place you might encounter has, or will have, an app. If you need information from Delta Airways, there’s no need to call them, your app will keep you informed of ETAs, check you in, be the boarding pass, take your choice of meal and will tuck you in your flat bed seat.

Our position is simple. If you don’t get yourself a smartphone, you will lose. In a few years, like two or three, almost everything we do will be app-based.

No one barring the least ambitious can hide behind phrases like “Oh, I’m not tech savvy,” or “Technology scares me.” We have no choice.

To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, traditional cell phone must not be tossed aside lightly. They should be hurled with great force out the window

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