Why I Heart The City Space

Ramjee ChandranBusiness travel rarely happens to locations other than cities—those pulsating centres of commerce. There’s a beat to a business trip. Commute. Lounge. Airplane. Airport. Limo. Hotel. And then the same thing happens, in reverse.

In between, there’s what you set out to do. City. People. Power breakfast. Entertainment. City.
Business. Bar. Meetings. Nightclub. City. Power Lunch. City. Dinner. Profits.

I heart cities.

I heart cities with great big ticking hearts; those with cultural diversity—and not merely population – as their measure of being metropolitan. I love the sight of public transportation, especially metro trains, because it tells me people are headed somewhere in profitable endeavour and this makes me very happy.

I have tried to like the country. Failed. But enjoying the serenity of the country was a fancy of fallow youth, much like one’s belief in Santa Claus. I hate scenery. My idea of great landscape is tall buildings with neon signs on them.

In Explocity, we love tracking the city. Over the years we have published guides to Bangalore, Mumbai, New York, Delhi, Dubai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. So, we sort of know cities. And their rhythm.

Personally, the city has been my livelihood. Yesterday, we turned 24.

We’ve done this for a while now.

This magazine’s parent, Bangalore This Fortnight, was launched in 1989. BangaloreMag.com was launched in 1997. Executive Traveller and Exec Weekly
(digital newsletter) follow the tradition of the city magazines published by Explocity over these 24 years.

Ramjee Chandran is MD and Editor-in-Chief, Explocity.

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