6 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Stay Productive In Flight

To many flying can be an undesirable experience. Especially for frequent flyers it feels like a waste of time. The long drive to the airport, needing to be checked-in two hours prior, at least (all frequent flyers usually get to the airport well before their flight), followed by the long flight itself. The worst situation is your flight is delayed on top of it all. But you don’t have to waste this time. Entrepreneurs are usually careful to not waste any time.

As an entrepreneur, time literally is money and flying time can be used productively so you don’t need to play catch-up once you hit the ground. Tyler Leslie has penned down 6 ways for entrepreneurs to stay productive on airplanes.

Get Organised:
You know those 3,187 mails that have been in your inbox? You have been meaning to organise them. Do that. Organise your mailbox by flagging the important ones, deleting the old mails, and labelling mails according to categories so you don’t have to miss out on any in the future.

Leslie’s tip is to even start replying to important mails. Save them as drafts and just hit send when you hit the ground.

Plan Your Arrival:
Plan your route from the airport to your first meeting and then the subsequent meetings. You will be surprised how a little planning ahead of time will save you loads of time during the day. Choose routes with less traffic to not get stuck.

Also get all the material for your meetings ready and go over your presentation once more, just to be sure.

Catch Up With Your Industry:
You have bookmarked many books on your kindle that you have meant to read when you get the time. Latest articles and books that tell you all the changes and insights of your industry. Flying time is a good time to catch up on all that’s going on. Even if what you want to catch up with are the Kardashians. Do it now so you free up time for later to do other things.

This doesn’t have to be just reading. Podcasts and interviews are the new ways to stay updated. You might just end up learning a new management trick from the most unexpected podcast.

Make A List Of Goals:
Long flights can give you surprising clarity to think and make the most important of lists. Like you goals. Hope you aren’t sitting next to a crying baby, get those ear plugs in and plug away at writing your goals. Start with the short term goals and then the long term goals. This will draw the path for your future as well as your company’s future. If you felt satisfied just by writing them down, think how much satisfying it’ll be to check each of them.

Give yourself a timeline to complete these by and keep referring to your list to see how far you are and if you need to make any major revisions.

Always Network:
In the office you find that your role is more of being everyone’s secretary. You need to solve all their problems because that’s what people mainly come to you for. The rest of your company’s work you do behind the scenes and many of your employees don’t even know it. The flight time is when you can really build your brand. Always talk to your co-passengers. You’ll never know who you end up sitting next to. Even the mother of that crying baby may end up being just the venture capitalist you have been looking for.

Content, content:
Content is the name of the game and you always need fresh and new content. Be it for your website or your blog, you need to update this constantly. It is amazing for your brand and your insights could become industry standards. Good content plays a great role in influencing others. So use all the reading you have done to write some content that will have impact on those in your industry.

You can change you perspective on flying by utilising your time. You may even look forward to your next flight to really do some deep thinking and get organised. Improvise on this list and tell us if you have any more tips for other frequent flyers.

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