It’s Better To Be An Executive Traveller Than Merely A Tourist

As your personal life, read social media, follows you into your workplace on your phone, your work life, equally, follows you into your personal life on your phone. Here’s a great idea. Don’t fight it. Make it for you. Yes, it’s better to be an executive traveller – a road warrior – than merely a tourist. This article tell you how.

A beach with no connectivity – human or web – would seem like the ideal vacation spot. You’re “unplugged”, “switched off” or a host of cliches to describe your current lack of connectivity.

Beach vacations with nothing to do are supposed to be rejuvenating but why do you get back to work, more miserable than before?

We shall not go into a psycho-social understanding of this new phenomenon, but research has revealed that executives who have to endure a lack of access to work for long stretches, suffer withdrawal symptoms and real workplace problems that call for being on the job as long as you are online.

Experts say that the answer lies in finding a zone that is at a happy junction of work and play. Here is an easy guide to an “executive vacation”.

Travel In Small Groups

While on vacation you tend to go in large groups and your needs are quickly left behind in the attempt to keep the groups parity. While on a business trip you are usually in a small group, if not alone and will be able to plan your own itinerary. This way you can cover more ground instead of waiting on all members of your party.

Live The Luxury Of Executive Travel

When you travel for work you don’t have to slum it by staying in some dingy hotels. The option to stay in luxury hotels ensures two things: 1) you can be well rested for the day ahead, and 2) the good hotels are always located in the good part of town for you to take in all the experiences.

Find The Local Culture

The work meetings you have are usually with clients or colleagues who are native to the region. You can hang out with them and take in the culture and learn all the local dives. Tourists hardly ever get to mingle with the locals. Executives can. It can be engaging, mind-occupying and soulful.

Don’t Pay For A Thing

Since your trip is paid for, the experiences you choose can be on the extravagant side. If you wanted that private meal, in the moonlight, in the middle of the desert, you can now afford it with the amount saved on the trip itself.

So take every chance you get to go on an “executive vacation”.

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