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An International Business Atlas and Coffee Table Book-BEST OF INDIA edited by Sandhya Mendonca and published by Global Village Publications India & Raintree Media was launched on October 11. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds, released BEST OF INDIA, part of the international BEST OF’ series of books.  Earlier editions of ‘ Best of India’ Series include Best Of Bangalore, Best of Chennai and Best Of Goa.

BEST OF INDIA showcases the economic and cultural dynamism of the country and the key businesses across various sectors that drive its trade and commerce.   The book also contains an aesthetic blend of photographs and text and narrates Indian success stories.  The best companies of India are presented in this unique business atlas that examines visionary leadership, focus on innovation, knowledge driven systems, value for people and qualities that contribute to their success. Apart from Ashok Soota, the speakers at the event included SG Vasudev who spoke on Indian art, Prathibha Prahlad who spoke on dance and Prasad Bidapa who spoke about the evolution of India’s fashion consciousness.  Ramjee Chandran, CEO and Editor- in- Chief of Explocity Pvt Ltd also spoke at the occasion.  In the words of Ashok Soota, “The Best of India book is like a breath of fresh air. In an age of cynicism where we are bombarded with so much negativity, it is a pleasant change to have a publication, which focuses on ‘positives’ and success stories. The Best of India reinforces the India story and itself will lead to further success for the country as others pick up the message.”   BEST OF INDIA showcases 62 key businesses across various domains that drive its trade and commerce.   The book also included perspectives from well known personalities like   Suhel Seth on Brand India, Ashutosh Gowariker on cinema,Rashid Khan on music, Shanta Gokhale on theatre, K Satchidanandan on literature and Sanjeev Kapoor on cuisine.   Sandhya Mendonca, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of GVP India & Raintree Media, said, “The BEST OF INDIA is a comprehensive and compelling study of the great Indian success story. It examines the various qualities that contribute to the success of home-grown Indian companies – visionary leadership, focus on innovation, knowledge driven systems, agility, value for people, customers and partners’ customers. The book celebrates the success of sustainable companies and business models and looks to offer inspiration through the individual philosophies that power their growth.”   BEST OF INDIA had an international launch, along with the BEST OF SOUTH AFRICA vol 7. The book was released by His Excellency, the High Commissioner of India to South Africa Virendra Gupta at the Future of Trade Africa 2012 in Johannesburg on July 16. The photography for the book is by Asha Thadani.   Aditya Mendonca, Director, Digital division, Raintree Media said, “Facebook users can order titles published by Raintree Media & GVPI from the facebook page”

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