A Bite of the Big Apple

EXEC lists some movies that celebrate the spirit of New York City.

When Harry Met Sally

Before Friends, even before Sienfeld, there was When Harry Met Sally. She is fresh-faced and romantic and him, hilariously cynical. Serendipitous meetings, iconic NYC locations, witty one-liners – all come together to present a funny and honest look at relationships as Harry, Sally, Marie, and Jess to spell us through life in the Big Apple.

World Trade Centre

For New York City, nor us, the scars of 9/11 might never completely heal. And yet, pride would prevail over pain, with enough stories of compassion and courage of the New Yorkers who rushed head-on towards terror and confusion. The story follows two police officers, respond to the events at the WTC and become trapped under the debris as the towers come crashing down.

Once Upon a Time in America

The mafia, thanks to epic movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas, is now considered an integral part of the city’s social landscape, for better or worse. This fascinating crime drama, set in the tumultuous early and mid century New York, portrays the childhood friendships, loves and lives of a gang of Jewish ghetto youths who climb the ladder of organised crime.


This blockbuster supernatural comedy makes a cheeky suggestion that strange going-ons are always a foot in NYC though no one even takes notice. It takes a giant marshamallow man and the re-animated Statue of Liberty (!!!) battling out in the streets for the population to sit up and notice that the city is brimming with ghost, goblins, demons and things that go pop in the night.

Taxi Driver

Set in the 70s, the movie zooms into the city streets, beyond the towering skyscrapers and the rich and restless Wall Street inhabitants, grimy and filled with the scum of the earth as seen through the eyes of a Vietnam-veteran turned taxi driver by night, who is slowly losing his grip on reality. His paranoia and mental gymnastics reach epic proportions as he takes on the role of a vigilante, spreading mayhem with his violent agenda of cleaning up New York.

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