Rough Roads and Lonely Lanes

As the summer sun simmers down to make way for a mellow autumn weather, there isn’t a better time to pack your sturdy boots, rev up your engines and drive out to nowhere in particular. It’s not about where you are going. It’s about how you get there…

Motorcycle Diaries: Based on the memoirs of a 23-year old Ernesto Guevara, the film recounts the eight-month long journey he and his friend takes across the achingly beautiful South American continent. And we witness how a young college student is transformed, by the geography, by the people and cultures he encounters, into Che, the magnetic revolutionary.

Into the Wild: The newly graduated Christopher McCandless shocks his family by announcing that he has given over all his savings to charity and is taking a indefinitely long road trip that eventually leads him to the stark, cold plains of Alaska, where his solitary penance leads to self-discovery.

Little Miss Sunshine: A gay, suicidal Proust scholar, a teenager on a vow of silence, a heroin-snorting grandpa, an obsessed dad trying to make a career as a motivational speaker and a harried, overworked mother. All huddled in a bright yellow Volkswagen Microbus. Their goal: To enter their chubby seven-year old daughter in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant.

Borat: This landmark film (yes, despite the naked wrestling scene) is pseudo-documentary of a Kazak journalist’s journey across America in search of ‘virginal’ Pamela Anderson. Between embarrassing sit-down dinners and spiritually moving Pentecostal sermons, he proceeds to give viewers a shockingly over-the-top albeit inclusive social commentary on modern day America.

Midnight Run: Another buddy movie from the director of Beverly Hills cop, this action-comedy story revolves around a bounty hunter who is assigned to track down an embezzling accountant. On their trip back to L.A, by land, air and sea, they encounter the FBI, out-smart rival bounty hunters and dirty their hands with a little grand theft auto, all for the truth.

Zombieland: Being on a road would throw up a lot more surprises than normal when there is full-fledged zombie apocalypse in progress and your lone band of survivors are constantly fighting the undead. A college kid heading home to check if his parents have been zombified yet, plus a rugged wanderer in search of Twinkies, plus two sisters who were con artists in a previous life, generously sprinkled with hordes of zombies screaming for flesh – a recipe for an unforgettable road trip.

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