The Big Bust on Silver Screen

It’s okay if you missed out on the finer details of the big financial crash of 2008; we know you were busy surviving it. Now you can relive the dramatic moments on HD, complete with background score.

Inside Job

Matt Damon narrates this 2010 documentary film. With the events of September 2008 and its devastating global repercussions still relatively fresh in memory, the tone is understandably angry. In its five parts, director Charles Ferguson gives a detailed account of the affair – from the ill thought-out policy changes and screwed up banking practices to the fabulous bonus cheques that executives continued to receive. It’s brutal yet cold in its logic. It provides answers and demands accountability.

The Company Men

The movie zooms in from the big picture into the lives of the average Americans that are suddenly and completely thrown out of groove. The six-figure salaried, family man Ben Affleck finds himself holding the pink slip one fine morning. While he has to sell his house, give up his country club membership and take up a blue-collar job, his CEO continues to live the hi-life and even plans building a new corporate headquarters. Will justice be delivered?

Too Big to Fail

Based on the non-fiction book Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin, the film is a chronicle of the tumultuous period between August and October 2008 from the point of view of then Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson. Lehman Brothers is on the brink of collapse and, amidst the political pressures, paranoid markets and grim ground-reality, a decision has to be made.

Capitalism: A Love Story

Is capitalism a sin? Would Jesus be a capitalist? The documentary deals with these deeply religious and introspective issues in addition to the real world ones – low wages, home foreclosures and the price of greed – as it traces the love story gone sour – from the early days of capitalism, heady and exciting, to disenchantment and tears six decades later.

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