“The road must eventually lead to the whole world.”

ontheroadOver the years, writers have taken liberties to say that more than the charms of the road yonder; home essentially remains where the heart is. Interviews, polls, articles all point towards the obvious: nothing beats a soft bed, a warm meal and of course the company of your loved ones. But when you are on the road, thoughts of warmth and love are perhaps nothing compared to the wanderlust and that familiar feeling of adrenalin surging through you as a response to the call of adventure… the sentiment that Kerouac not only writes about, but convinces us about as well in ‘On the Road’.
Published in 1957, Jack Kerouac first conceived the idea in the late 1940s. A journey of self-realisation and a quest for knowledge beautifully accessorised by jazz, poetry and of course drugs, ‘On the Road’ is not merely a narration that defines life and friendships, over the years, it has proved to be the blueprint of the beat generation and of course inspiration for all who have ever believed that they have the right to be free.
A book of ideas and characters, On the Road, a rejection of conformism, an acceptance of rebellion and of course Saul and Dean, this book makes one realise that in no way is a plot necessary in order to create literature that reaches to corners of your heart that you perhaps did not pay much attention to.
The story of a ex reform school prisoner, Saul, a frenzied hedonist, Dean and their lust for adventure, This book, contrary to what the average reader believes is not all about drugs, sex and the fast life. It is the poetic justice done to the post World War II alternative cultural movement, experiences with experimentation and language that brings music to life.
With security, chaos, hedonism, feminism, submission and rebellion running amok on the pages, the lesser mortals can only admire Kerouac’s genius defined by scrolls made of taped tracing paper and the legend that says it was written in only three weeks.

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