Way I Travel – Siddharth Shankar

Siddharth Shankar, Director, Mystic Cures Limited (Mystic Spas)

Where do you live?
I keep moving between Singapore and Delhi.

What do you like most about travelling?
Interacting with new people and most importantly getting time for strategic planning.

What are your travel pet peeves?
Change of weather and the time zone.

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?
Singapore Airlines and Swiss Air, although it depends on my destination. I try to choose an airline that gives me the least travel time and a full flat bed for long distance travel.

Which is your favourite holiday destination?
For holidays I love to go where my kids want to go, so most of the time it is places like Disney and Singapore.

Which is your favourite business destination?
Singapore and Zurich.

What do you always carry on your cabin luggage?
My laptop, writing pad and a pencil.

Describe your gadget arsenals?
I am not a very tech person and content with my Blackberry.

Which is your preferred luggage brand?
Louis Vuitton

What’s playing on your ipod?
I dont carry one but if I ever need to, I carry the one used by my son and it has my favourite ABBA.

What are you currently reading?
I always read Ramayan and each time I read it I get new insights into a number of things including how to deal with business and management situations.

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