Now You Can Video Conference On Gmail

The launch of Google Hangouts on Gmail means users will now have access to an email client with integrated video conferencing features

Google announced the launch of Google hangouts on Gmail in India this week, enabling group video chats of upto 9 members. Additionally, Hangouts will also allow users to watch Youtube videos with their friends, work on Google Drive, and even play games via Google Apps.

And since full utilization of these features would necessitate a remarkably high bandwidth, Google gives users the option to use a low bandwidth version of the app, sacrificing quality for speed.

With Microsoft’s revamped Outlook mail client attracting killer reviews, the folks at Google seem to have taken note of the warning signs. Last year, the IT behemoth added a number of features to enhance the Gmail experience including the ‘new compose’ which now functions like a chat box, allowing improved email accessibility. The redesign also gave users the ability to label messages within the ‘compose box’ and to search for older mails while keeping any incomplete missives conveniently minimized.

The world’s biggest search engine has also been keeping a keen eye on the smartphone market, with updates to Gmail for both Andriod and iOS releasing in quick succession late last year. The iOS update was particularly well received with users gushing over new features like multiple account support, infinite scrolling, simplified archiving and deleting, and new animations.


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