Wolf: Unplugged

With few days to go for the show on November 24 WOLF frontman  Niklas Stålvind  speaks to EXEC about their upcoming show for Harley Rock Riders Season III in Bangalore

What are your favorite genres in music? 

 I guess it’s no surprise I love Heavy Metal, especially the era 1975-1985. It’s the music I fell in love with when I grew up and I still love it. Also I like instrumental guitar rock like The Ventures and The Shadows. Those were the records my dad played when I was a kid, and I still listen to it. When I listen to Metal all day in the studio I like to clear my mind with some surf rock. I listen to classical music as well. And horror movie sound tracks. As a matter of fact I also like classical Indian music.

What inspires you while creating new compositions?

 Life mostly. And good music. Music wise it’s everything from movie soundtracks to old favorite albums from the past. I like it when songs have a strong atmosphere, that’s why I like movie themes I guess. When it comes to lyrics and themes it’s usually the world around me and what I’m going through at the moment that inspires me. Human behavior and especially the dark sides of it has always inspired my lyrics.

What brings you to India and what are your expectations from the audience in Bangalore?

We began to se a fan base grow in India via the internet. And I have worked with an Indian horror metal band called Albatross. I mixed their album in Sweden and also did some guest vocals for them. After that one thing led to another I guess. We are very excited to come to India and be a part of the Harley Rock Riders. It has given us a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Indian youth and perform at Bengaluru. I have always wanted to go there and since I was young I have been into sitar music. I even bought a sitar in the nineties and used it on the first Wolf album in a song called Electric Raga.

What are your top five personal favorites from the Wolf play list?

I don’t listen much to our own albums. But I can list my live favorites and they are my favorites because the audience always interacts with them and makes them better. I love it when the audience is loud!


Hail Caesar

Full Moon Possession


Speed On

In your opinion how much do visuals and stage act matter for a rock band?

It’s very, very important! Who wants to go and see a band of shoe-gazers? Even if they play very well, it gets boring if the band doesn’t have some stage presence or doesn’t pay attention to the audience. But I don’t think it’s necessary to have a big show with a lot of effects. That’s cool too, but most importantly the band themselves should entertain and give everything they got to the people listening.

Please tell us something about the postproduction of your studio albums?  

 We work extremely hard in the studio to make the best album we possibly can. So when it’s recorded we care about the design to. It’s not something we let the record label decide for themselves. We have strong vision about what the whole product should look and feel like. And we always release the album on vinyl! CD:s and mp3:s are convenient, but nothing beats the feeling of a fold out vinyl with a great cover. And the sound when the needle hits the vinyl before the first song. Aahhh….

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