World’s Best Airport Spas

Imagine getting off a flight jet-lagged and tired, not a pleasant thought… is it? But for some this is the perfect excuse to relax, rejuvenate and unwind at the airport spa. Stepping into an airport has its own perks. Apart from strolling through the duty-free stores, you could head towards the realm of relaxation and walk out feeling brand new. EXEC takes a trip down 10 of the world’s best spas.

Timeless Spa- Dubai International Airport

Open from 9am-9pm seven days a week, Dubai International Airport’s Timeless Spa offers guests lavish facilities, gifted international spa therapists and a soothing ambience combine to create tranquil sanctuaries away from the busy airport environment. Located in the different lounges, the idyllic facilities provide a wide range of rejuvenating services that will leave you feeling recharged, refreshed before or after you’re your flight.

The therapists at this spa are renowned for their wide range of expertise across a multitude of wellness and rejuvenation disciplines, which draw on ancient wisdom and cultural traditions from around the world.

Absolute Spa- Fairmont Vancouver Airport

For a relaxing experience unlike any other, Absolute Spa is the place to head to. An oasis of wellness and health, this spa offers more than a hundred beauty and body treatments, privacy and a cuisine that satiates your gastronomic cravings. Well known for their anti-fatigue and jet-lag treatments, their water massage therapy and pre-vacation tanning routines are also worth checking out. A pit-stop for Jennifer Lopez, a lot of well-known Hollywood faces swear by this spa.

D_parture Spa- Newark International Airport

Launched to welcome the new millennium in 2000, the d_parture Spa has undergone a steady series of upgrades and changes and is now an experience you must live. The world’s first and only full-service eco-friendly airport spa has mobile massage units chair, food, hand, eye and scalp massages to passengers at the gates. The spas mani-pedi stations and private rooms for massage and facials guarantee rejuvenation and relaxation. What’s more, the spas each include full-service hair salons for cuts, color, and styling.

Elemis Travel Spa

Elemis professional spa-therapies and products are available through an elite network of over 1200 spas and salons around the world, including the Elemis day-spa flagships in London, Miami and Hong Kong (see locations). From exclusive salons, lavish cruise line spas and leading retail stores, to some of the world’s most luxurious 5-star spa resorts, an Elemis treatment anywhere in the world is guaranteed to offer outstanding results. Through innovation and constant evolution, Elemis’ goal is to constantly strive for new discoveries in therapeutic skin science. Elemis is a way of living and is embracing the ever-changing needs of today’s hectic lifestyles.

Back To Life Spa- Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

With their recent introduction of the cosmetic fish therapy, passengers can now enjoy a special foot treatment with Garra Rufa fish nibbling at their feet to ‘exfoliate’ them. Established at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 1999, this spa is all about feeling good and building positive energy. Choose from a selection of massages or an oxygen treatment and recharge your batteries. And you will feel revitalized in a matter of seconds.

Qantas First Lounge- Sydney International Airport

One of the finest airport lounges of the world, the spa in Sydney International Airport is the perfect place to pamper yourself. Opening everyday at 9am, this spa offers a whole range of relaxation routines that make you feel on top of the world. Equipped with just five rooms it is wise to book an appointment before heading there. Surrounded by exotic plants, the 50 minute long full-body massage is the perfect way to unwind and let yourself relax.

Om Spa- Hong Kong International Airport

Equipped with two spa duplex suites, three spa suites, five spa cabana rooms, 11 spa deluxe rooms and a foot massage room, the Spa is indeed as regal as it sounds. With around 30 different treatments available, with varying styles and techniques, the Thai Om Spa uses amenities from Lemongrass House, a Phuket-based creator of organic and handmade essential oils, cream scrubs and masks, adding to a greater authenticity of the Thai experience. The luxurious spa facility features a contemporary modern style of interior design incorporating Thai elements. It is the first and only spa facility in Hong Kong to provide couple massage and Jacuzzi in an exclusive alfresco setting in addition to mosaic steam room, Jacuzzi and shower spa within the treatment suite.

XpresSpa- John F kennedy Airport

Equipped with all you can imagine, XpresSpa is perfect for not just spa treatments, but also for a whole range of grooming services. Renowned for their manicures, pedicures, facials and reflexology massages, their bikini wax is a must try for all women.

OraOxygen Calgary International Airport

The first airport based Oxygen Wellness Spa of its kind in the world. After more than four years of research and development, OraOxygen has emerged as a novel means of promoting holistic wellness and rejuvenation. With the guarantee of detoxing your body in 30 minutes flat, the mud-bath at the spa is a must-try. A tranquil environment coupled with oxygen therapy literally breathes new life into you.

The Ultimate Transit Haven – Singapore Changi Airport

Located on the 3rd level of the Departure and Transit Lounge, this niche outlet of The Ultimate is designed to provide well-heeled travelers with a therapeutic and authentic Asian spa experience.

A charming and sophisticated Chinoiserie ambience is created with the clever use of dark wood, hand-dyed silks and chiffon screens that is both elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you are looking for moments of therapeutic massage bliss or for a quick beauty fix while waiting to board your plane, The Ultimate Transit Haven promises you the ultimate Asian spa experience

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