For The Love Of Sport

For-The-Love-Of-SportThe sports bar has packed up its Banjara Hills outlet and moved to a new location, taking with it the high-energy decor and adrenaline pumping ambiance that it’s famous for.

Don’t be fooled by the plush leather couches or the funky yellow and red beanbags. They are strictly meant for resting your feet after being weakened by the rock, techno, trance and house music that are spun all night, with the volume turned up and the bass set to Ritcher 9. Or to celebrate your crushing pool defeat at the hands of your best buddy by buying everyone a round of chilled, frothy Kingfisher beer. Or to cheer your favourite team, sitting on the edge of your seat, while yelling incoherently at the giant LCD T.V. screen.

Stylishly done up in black and dark brown shades with splashes of bright colours, the bar is dotted with loads of cool sports memorabilia and knick-knacks. In addition to serving almost all kinds of beer, they also do a mean Long Island Iced Tea. Cosmopolitan is another favourite. The kitchen churns out some spectacular Indian, Chinese and Italian fare. The seafood platter, with its prawns, squids and calamari rings complement any drink and the Pasta Arrabiata, loaded with flavour is filling.

So come over, shoot down a Kamakazi or Lemon Drop, feast on some Xtreme Sushi before you head home happy.

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