Fusion 9, Chennai

Fusion 9 - KF GourmetWhat You See: KF-New-Logo4
Shades of beige, cream and brown blend with old world Mediterranean artwork and contemporary elements to create an upscale, fine dining ambience.

Best Of Bar & Kitchen:

Boasting of an all-new menu, this establishment manages to deliver the goods where many other restaurants would simply splutter and die, with their award winning fusion food. From the braised ribs and the bang bang mushrooms to the bulgogi marinated tenderloin and chicken breast Jakarta, almost everything of offer simply smacks of authenticity. On the alcoholic side of things, Fusion 9 doles out a fairly straightforward experience. Expect the usual medley of cocktails along with a few bartender specials that will keep you dazzled and drunk, but remember, Fusion 9 is more about the food and less about the booze.

We recommend:
The Iranian Joojeh Kebab is a superlative example of Persian cuisines finest. More tangy than spicy, the kebab oozes juice and is tinged with a lemony zest. Best eaten with a light sprinkling of pepper and bowl of yogurt.

2nd Floor, Aruna Centre, 145 Sterling Road, Nungambakkam, Ph: 4266 4299

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