Glass House Gastronomy

Glass-House-GastronomyThe Glass House in Lalbagh, one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks, serves as inspiration for The Raj Pavilion.

This quietly elegant restaurant has a ceiling made entirely of glass, huge French windows, pristine white interiors, and graceful pillars flanking the tables. The lush green potted plants within its walls, and the sparkling blue pool outside provide splashes of colour. During the day, sunshine pours in through the roof, and after the sun goes down, this 24- hour restaurant comes alive the light of ceiling lamps.

The menu pays homage to the Raj, giving glimpses of life in the era through vintage photographs. It’s divided into three sections – ‘The Raj,’ which reflects the culinary heritage of the British in India, ‘The Raj India,’ which offers a selection of Indian recipes that can be traced to the days of British India, and ‘The Far Pavilion,’ dedicated to the cuisines of the far posts of the British Empire, including Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

An all time favourite on the menu is Fish Ahoy, classic fish n’ chips served with Chef’s salad, wasabi spiked mayonnaise and crisp potato chips. The salad bar includes cold cuts, a fine cheese platter and exotic salads such as Asparagus Salad in Wine Olive Oil, Roasted Corn and Onion Salad and a tangy Prawn Cocktail. The barbeque dishes out customised kebabs and grilled meats, of which the salmon is perfectly cooked. The Hakka Noodles does justice to Chinese cuisine, and the Dum Biryani will please traditional palates. Mrs. Beeton’s Moorugh Curry is a celebration of the East and West. The curry, which appeared in a classic cookbook in 1861, is flavoured with chickpeas, cinnamon and cloves. After the main course, make sure there’s room for dessert. The Steamed Almond Pudding is perfectly cooked, and the Chocolate Mousse is wickedly sinful.

With all that food, there are plenty of drinks to keep spirits high. There are a lot of international wines on offer, and frothy Kingfisher. The cocktails are exciting, for those who like to mix it up a bit.

Sundays see a lot of families frequenting this place, which come soak up the sunshine, and unwind with live music and the great variety of food offered at the brunch buffet.

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