Meet Chef Mohamed Siddiq

Mohamed Siddiq, Executive Chef, Taj Club House, Chennai.

I have been a chef for:

25 years, and it’s been 16 years as an Executive Chef. It is my passion for food that drives me.

My signature dish is:

Baked Seabass with plum tomatoes and ginger cilantro coconut cream.

My idea of a perfect weekend breakfast is:

Homemade muesli with cold milk and masala omelette with cheese.

The weirdest request I have received from a guest is to:

Make a very basic north Indian style minced chicken dish, saying that it is an exotic recipe created by her after long research.

The way in which the East and the West enjoy food:

Has a world of difference. In the East, the food is generally more flavourful and an artistic mix of contrasting flavours using various combinations of cooking techniques is used. In the West, the meat is meatier, and importance is given to plating and stylish presentation. They enjoy natural taste of foods with very subtle blend of flavours. Eating in West is more of an experience and most meals are paired with a beverage.

My favourite celebrity chef is:

Thomas Keller because he is self-made and does not have a formal culinary background. His dedication and passion for food is impressive; he uses a lot of seasonal products to create amazingly different dishes. His styling is simple but always incorporates a twist. And, most importantly, he is a great team player.

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