Meet The Chef

Chef Utpal Mondal,Corporate Chef, Hotel Hindusthan International

– I have been a chef for 23 years. Actually, since my childhood, as I started learning and helping my mother when I was 8.

– I specialise in Indian and Italian.

– My favourite cuisine cannot be defined. I like everything from Continental, Oriental and South American to Arabic and Indian. But for everyday eating, nothing like home food.

– I love to cook creative dishes that are driven by my passion.

– My signature dishes are Orange Flavoured Bekti with asparagus foam and star anise-flavoured sundried pineapple salsa and Badami Murg Tikka Roll.

– If not a chef I don’t know what I’d have been. I eat, drink and sleep food.

– My inspirations are my mother and Chef Imtiaz Quereshi.

– My cooking style involves innovative, passion, research and lots of love.

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