Mezzaluna, Bangalore

Mezzaluna (web)Best of Bar & Kitchen
When you order the pasta here, you can be assured its homemade. With signature dishes like Pollo Ripeno, chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and slow dried tomatoes served on a bed of rosemary potatoes and onion sauce, customers come here for a taste of Italia. Customers fall over for the Fillet-O-Di Manzo, which is beef tenderloin with wilted spinach and char grilled vegetables.

Kingfisher’s Pick
The parma wrapped John Dory with creamy spinach. The fish is pan seared to golden brown and wrapped with parma ham. It is made to rest in the oven for a few minutes before being served over a bed of asparagus, tomatoes and creamy spinach on the side. The balsamic dressing completes the dish.

Good Times Guide
While the checkered floors add cheer, the paintings of Venice on the walls lend an old world charm to the restaurant. One is welcomed with a wine and cheese zone at the entrance. Guests can savour and learn a thing or two about wine and cheese while they wait for a table during busy nights. The restaurant also features a live zabaglione station. ‘Verona’, the private dining room has an interesting ceiling design made with wine bottles.

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