Monkey Bar, Delhi

monkey bar (web)Best of Bar & Kitchen
Claimed to be the country’s first gastropub, the Monkey Bar in Delhi is the second in the country. The food that is served here carries as much of a twist as the beverages. Cocktails are served in Nutella jars and copper tumblers while the pub grub varies from pickled tenderloin with ker and sangri and kheema bao to dry, aged wood-fired burgers and Mobar Laksa and pandi curry.

Kingfisher’s Pick
The sorpotel jam pot for starters, followed by the MoBar burger and for dessert the pineapple outside in. Pair these with any of the cocktails like the aam panna with vodka or the copper monkey and you’re good to go.

Good Times Guide
Exposed brick walls, soft wood floors, booths, mismatched lights and fixtures. Housed in a spectacular 47 feet high glass pyramid built using a mix of steel tubes and reflective glass, Monkey Bar’s interiors are meant to reflect a fun, NYC space. This 3,500 square feet space, spanning two levels, gives off an urban chic vibe.

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