Nights of Wonder

Blue-Bar-(3)Blue Bar has a certain something, an enchanting quality that makes it one of the most loved lounges in town.

The night is young as you sit on a wrought iron chair, surrounded by lush greenery under a star-studded sky. Music fills the air as your favourite drink waits on the carved stone table in front of you, while the dim lights weave a dreamy haze.

Originally created to draw more crowds to The Taj West End’s speciality Vietnamese restaurant Blue Ginger, Blue Bar is a force to be reckoned with in the city’s nightlife scene today.

The bar has an earthy, natural feel to it with teak beams and red Mangalore tiles. Following the traditional structure of a gazebo, it is circular in shape and wears blue hues. Half of it spills out to the open, surrounded by gnarled trees and creepers.

You’ll see the city’s ‘it crowd’ nursing the potions of their choice around the bar, as the DJ takes position behind his console. Once the beats get faster, the crowd starts to groove, the party fuelled by the bar’s collection of wines, cocktails and mugs of chilled Kingfisher. In-house specialities are the Bangalore Buzz, a white rum-based cocktail, the exotic Curry Leaf Mojito, the Silver Bullet and the Blue Bar Martini. Finger food comes in the form of Vietnamese and South Asian grills. The Traditional Chicken Satay and Asian Wok-tossed Prawns are crowd pleasers, while the Black Pepper Crusted Chilli Prawns and Thai-style Grilled Lamb Chops with Basil and Bird Chilli have their own share of fans. Meat-free options include the Thai Spring Rolls stuffed with Glass Noodles and Shitake Mushrooms, and Bean Curd tossed with Sambal Paste.

Out of the heart of the city and out the ordinary, Blue Bar is a place where even the most jaded of party animals has a good time.


Blue Bar

The Taj West End

Race Course Road

% 6660-5660

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