Quench Your Thirst

Quench-Your-Thirst-Quench is a casual dining restaurant that serves only beer and wine on the alcohol menu.

They specialise in Continental cuisine, and also serve Chinese, Tandoor, pastas and kebabs. Besides this, they offer more than thirteen types of beer from different parts of the world, whilst their ambience reflects a retro garage pub-like with beer paintings, beer advertisments, beer quotes that dot the walls along with innovative beer bottle chandeliers. Dim lights, vintage bar and rock and retro music adds to the experience too. This place can easily accommodate thirty five.

Manav Chadha, the co-owner, believes “It’s a beer place for all beer lovers.” Recommended finger foods that are best suited with a glass of beer is the Grilled Chicken Olives (Chicken marinated with Basil pesto sauce), Crushed Pepper Paneer (Paneer with Red, Yellow and Green Capsicum), Stir Fry Babycorn, Herb Paprika Chicken (Herbs with Paprika sauce) and Mushroom Shiver (Mushrooms with Creamy Spicy Cheese sauce). The main course comprise the Ratatouille (Dice seasoned greens and aubergine with Parmesan Cheese Red sauce on a bed of tossed spaghetti) and Pan Fried Chicken Breast with Crush Baby Potato (Pan Fried marinated chicken breast with mushroom sauce led on crush baby potato), Chicken Sandmann (Grilled breast of chicken with chopped Spinach and Mushroom cooked in Spinach sauce and confeit tomato) and Cajun Fried Grill Fish (Marinated pan fried rawa fish with seasonal veggies). Chicken Chinadu and Chicken Kalmi Kebab are the signature kebabs of the place. Brownie with Ice cream and Honey Noodles with Ice cream serve as their signature desserts.

Shalil a frequent visitor of the place says, “Quench has great food, awesome music value for money, friendly staff and drinking beer will not put a hole in your pocket.” So drop in here for a lovely beer experience and finger licking delicious food.

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