Sportingly Yours

Sportingly-Yours-1As the name suggests, the Sports Bar and Café is a place where people can unwind against a sportily-themed backdrop that offers a number of activities from sport screenings of cricket, soccer, pool and basketball among others.

Besides this, the place is home to a pool table, basketball hoop and a punching bag. The interiors reflect the theme with several sporting equipments that dot the bar and café with cricket pads, hockey sticks, bowling pins and racquets. The place can easily accommodate about hundred people. Karaoke is played on Wednesdays, and on other days lounge, hip-hop, rock and retro are played here. Happy Hours are available throughout the week with a fifty percent discount till 7:00pm.

Dinesh Naik, the Restaurant Manager said, “The place is very fun loving and we have a lively way of providing hospitality to every guest.” He believes that Kingfisher beer is best complemented with dishes like the Veg and Chicken Tacos, and the Chicken and Beef Enchiladas Recommended cocktails named after various sport terminology include the Free Kick (muddled lime with vodka and lemon), Kick Boxing (a layered cocktail which includes Sambuca Vodka and Blue Curacao), Fore Hand (Bacardi lemon, cranberry and triple sec) and mocktails like Pole World (Guava juice and spices), Grand Prix (melon, lime and sprig of mints) and Steeple Chase (peach, cranberry, apple and touch of cinnamon).

The variety of main courses include the Dim Sums, Cottage Cheese Steak with Morray Sauce and the Beef steak with Red Wine Sauce End your meal on a sweet note with the delectable Gulab Jamun among others. Shruti Mehta, a patron says, “The place is extremely spacious, and offers enough privacy even during noisy matches. The food is yum and I would recommend the starters especially the Chilly Chicken.”

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