Stylish Indian Fare at Zaffran

Stylish-Indian-Fare-at-ZaffZaffran is popular with Mumbai’s gourmands, and now Bangalore gets a taste of what the restaurant has to offer. “Zaffran serves trendy, stylish Indian food. It adds a twist to classic dishes,” declares Siddharth Poojari, the man behind City Bar, Kobe Sizzlers, and the Sukh Sagar chain.

After taking a look around the place, it becomes apparent that stylish is an adjective that doesn’t only apply to the food here. The décor reinterprets ethnic Indian design; billowy drapes, filigree work, mirrors, and soft lighting weave an air of nostalgia and romance, while funky lamps, cushions with bold prints and glass accents add a contemporary edge.

The menu journeys through the erstwhile North-West Frontier Province, and brings to the discerning Bangalorean palate dishes that might sound familiar, but are presented in novel ways. Poojari cites the Tomato Shorba as an example. “It has the flavour of tomatoes, but it’s completely white in colour!”

Starters like the Pink Salmon Tikka, Warm Aloo Tuk Chaat, Murg Chello Kabab, and Seekh Kabab Lucknowi also showcase a creative combination of flavours.

When asked what his picks from the menu are, Poojari promptly replies, “Raan Biryani and Butter Chicken.” The Butter Chicken, Poojari insists, doesn’t have predictable flavours, the biryani is made following a secret recipe, and a single portion is enough for six to eight people.

The spice the restaurant is named after features in several dishes, most notably in the Jhinga Nisha Zaffrani, a dish composed of grilled prawns marinated in A grade Indian saffron and cream.

The menu gives guests the freedom of choice, with the generous amount of dishes on it, but the prices might come as a pleasant surprise, given the grandeur of the setting. Poojari signs off with, “It’s a misconception that great food can’t be affordable. Zaffran is open to everyone who loves food.”



8 Pappana Street, St Marks Road % 080-4095-3144

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