The Foreign Connection

DSCN6895-1Firangi Paani stays true to its name. Victorian paintings and memorabilia etched on the walls establish the ‘foreign’ connection of the pub.

The entrance of the pub leads you straight to the single bar counter. To ensure your comfort, the bar stools are shaped like chairs and matted with plush cushions. TV screens are placed at strategic corners in the lounge and the pub plays classic rock tunes, like Hotel California and Born to be Wild, every night till 10.30 pm.

The pub serves vodka, whisky, rum, beer and single malts. There are a range of flavoured martinis like apple, lime, peach and strawberry. The popular starters offered here are Loaded Cheese Fries, Cottage Cheese Tossed With Tomato Sauce, Paneer Kathi Rolls and Cottage On Fire. They also offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters and a variety of sandwiches. If you like cheese, you are going to love the food here as most dishes are served with a generous portion of cheese and mushrooms. They also have a few Continental and Pan-Asian dishes.

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