Unwind at the Madhushala

KFPromo_Madhushala_Nov_ExecMadhushala at Hotel Rajmahal is an elegant classic bar; warm and richly decorated, it provides a cool retreat on a sunny day at Guwahati.

As the name suggests, it’s the perfect place to linger over innovative cocktails, chilled beer or even a glass of champagne. Madhushala is a symbolic name derived from the famous Hindi poem Madhushala written by late Harivansh Rai Bachchan. In the evenings, soft piped music creates a mood for carefree laughter and easygoing conversation.

With a seating capacity of 23, this is located on the second floor with one side is covered with glass. The environment is cosy yet energetic. Elegantly designed this is the only bar in North Eastern hub that serves only vegetarian both starters and a few main courses. Vegetable Gold Coins (golden fried bread coins topped with mixed vegetable and sesame seed and deep fried), Vegetable Lasagne, Vegetable Moussaka are the specialities of this bar.

Some of the other dishes include that work well with KF beer include: Crispy Fried Veg with Schezuan Sauce, Two Treasure Salt n Pepper, Dragon Spring Roll (matchsticks vegetable stuffed in a pancake and deep fried), Mushroom Caps and Cheese to name a few. Its speciality lies in the innovative cocktails served here. These are the Blue Star (vodka, blue curacao and some spices), The Bull (KF Beer, sugar, soda and lemon juice), Beer Buster (chilled beer, vodka and drops of Tabasco sauce), Bourbon Daisy (bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, grenadine syrup and crashed sugar) along with the classic cocktails like Bloody Mary and Blue Lagoon.


Hotel Rajmahal,

A.T. Road,


Assam (India)

% (0361) 254-9141-46

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