A Student For Life

Hina Shah, President of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development, a dancer, painter and an aspiring tennis professional, believes in thinking from the heart.

By Leena Ghosh

For someone who works full time, paints and dances professionally, manages home, and is practicing to be a Grand Slam player, you’d think she planned her days in advance. But not Hina Shah. For her it’s all about what her heart wants at that time. “I don’t plan my days and it’s difficult for me to explain how I do it. I am a full time professional, so my day starts with meditation and then I head to work. In the evening, if I am in the mood,

I paint while listening to television. I dance twice or thrice a week. Saturdays, I practice

Tennis. While I have a routine, it’s not fixed. It comes from an inner urge to do something.”

Dance, A Passion

She started dancing at the age of 3 and now performs across the country with her two daughters. “I started with Kathak and later developed interest in Odissi. Dancing has always been a passion. While my father did not think much of dancing as a career, I pursued it as a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy dancing. You achieve a higher level of consciousness when you are one with the music,” she said.

And she dances for a cause. “I never charge for my performances. All collections go to charity. I performed for the Indian Army as well,” Hina added

Art And I

When it comes to art, Hina maintained that she takes from her mother. “My father could just about draw straight lines. My mother was a great painter. My daughters paint too. Our art gallery is called Different Strokes. All of us have our unique style and you can tell that by seeing the paintings,” Hina said. She did not pursue either dancing or painting as a career option because her father believed there was no future in either. “And I agree with him. I am glad that I listened to him; because of my work I have helped so many women,” she said. Her daughters, like her, are multi-talented. While one is a CA and the other an aspiring actor, they are involved in dancing and painting as well. “It’ll all about experiencing life and doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. It’s important to listen to your heart,” she explained.

And There’s More

All these qualities combined with a desire to make the world a better place have won Hina, the Titan Be More Legend award. For now she’s working on becoming a Grand Slam Tennis player and publishing a book on spiritual entrepreneurship. “People might laugh, when they learn that I am preparing to play at such high levels. But I don’t believe age has got anything to do with it. I practice every week to make sure I perfect the sport. After that, we’ll see what happens,” said Hina who has already played at the state level.

As Hina goes through her day-to-day life, honing her various talents, her mantra for life is simple. “I want to be remain a student throughout my life and learn new things every day,” she pointed out.

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