Michelle’s On A Mission To Unlearn What She’s Learnt

Michelle’s on a mission to unlearn what she’s learnt.

How many time a month do you travel?

I travel twice or thrice every month

Favourite business destination

Mumbai & Chennai

Favourite holiday destination


What do you like the most about travelling?

The fact that travel never ceases to inspire me and I enjoy the fact that I meet
interesting people during my travels. Travel has a unique way of creating beautiful memories &

What’s your least favourite thing about travel?

I am planner to the ‘T’ both professionally and personally , so I detest waiting!
(Delayed flights, insipid in flight meals & delayed meeting schedules are not my favourite

Preferred airline


Your cabin luggage includes…

My phone, laptop, wet tissues, lip balm , a miniature perfume, a book & a stole

You don’t leave home without…

Phone, laptop & my planner

What are you reading?

Paul Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’, Ive read it quite a few times and every time I go back
to this book its magical !

Does travel energise or tire you?

Most often than not travel energises me but of course short trips zap my energy
levels; especially when a day involves back to back meetings and a rushed drive to the airport,
with no time for oneself !


About Michelle Sebastian

Michelle’s on a mission to unlearn what she’s learnt. Moving on from the comfort of
glitzy hotels to being a full time marketing, communication & travel consultant, she
considers this as her big leap of faith ; new beginnings, new ideas, new energy and all
this is equally exciting , surprising and irresistible.
An ardent planner, she loves to plan in micro detail and finds her calling in executing
each plan to successful completion .

She calls herself a curious traveller, cat person & one day wants to succeed
convincing her husband to have a white Persian cat with blue eyes; as a live in pet..

Her current weekend planner comprises of a 60 min spa, a Kerala inspired meal
served on a banana leaf, an evening ferry ride to Fort Kochi, red wine & dark
chocolate cake in no particular order of preference!

If dreams could come true, she would love to enjoy endless cups of tea with Alice in
Wonderland , March Hare, The Hatter and the Cheshire cat ) served from a floral
motif tea pot together with tea cakes, warm scones with clotted cream and strawberry
jam, assorted tea sandwiches and lemon curd tart and curiously debate about “Why is
a raven like a writing desk” ?

Meeting interesting travellers from across the globe is what inspires her moonlight as
a travel consultant and lifestyle writer.

She’s currently enjoying the journey of discovering her roots in Kerala.

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