Zubin Songadwala

Where do you live?


How many times do you travel in a month?

Once in two months or so

What’s your favourite business destination?

It used to be Bangalore, until I moved here.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Goa tops my list. We do attempt to explore new places and not revisit the same destinations again. But if we have to repeat visiting a destination, it would definitely be Goa!

What do you like most about travelling?

I love exploring offbeat locations – places that have some sort of heritage or cultural significance. Unconventional modes of transport enthuse me. While my daughter would go to any length to get us to take the train, my preference is on two wheels with open skies above. I’ve had the opportunity to experience the real India first hand on my road trips on my bike. Just the last year I visited two destinations that were the birthplace of two important religions – Bodhgaya and Amritsar. I have also recently visited Hampi, Shantiniketan, Puri (Konark) and Wagah border. While in Kolkata a fair amount of the north east including the Nathu La pass has been covered with the family.

What are your travel peeves?

A seat with inadequate leg space (no stress on that front on the bike).

Which airline do you prefer travelling by?

Any that departs at a convenient time and gets me to my destination on time!

What do you always carry in your cabin luggage?

My laptop, ear plugs and an eye mask

Which is your preferred luggage brand?

Anything that can be rolled.

Your gadget arsenal includes…?

The phone pretty much covered it all but needs to definitely be backed up with adequate battery packs to stay connected through my day.

What is currently on your music player?

The selection has been built up over the years. The genres are way too varied to list (including fairy tales that were loaded many years ago to keep my daughter engaged during long drives).

What are you reading now?

Considering I have just taken over my new assignment at ITC Gardenia, all I seem to be reading are the handover binders left behind for me.

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